Hello and welcome to RashItUp which is all about exploring the ‘Impetuous You.’

I am Rashi, and I am the face and voice behind fashion and styling tips blog RashItUp.

…for my love for fashion and travel!

I have been thinking about this for a very long time but wasn’t able to step up to this…

…had some weird known resistance, but thanks to my darling husband and amazingly supportive friends (you know who you are ;)) who helped me push the envelope and stimulated my passion for fashion – oh! it rhymed.. not bad ha!

A lot of work colleagues ask me if I’ve already been writing and could share my blog details and honestly, that does inspire me and have already encouraged me enough to kill my Mon-Fri blues 😉

One of my colleagues once asked me, how do I muddle through the trends and the rest of it and my response to her was “the keys are under the doormat of basics.”

No matter how cliched it sounds but…

…I have always been a big fan of simplicity and the drama of creativity you can pull off by just making the right combinations from the simple outfits and accessories you already have your wardrobe filled-up with. 😉

All of us enjoy this tremendous love for shopping and of course have the penchant to trying new things but let’s be honest we also can’t cope up with the ever changing fashion trends.

We don’t have the energy to plunge into the abundance of choices available these days.

I am sure, many of you like me don’t want to spend the oceans of energy on selecting the outfits for your daily routine to office, parties, a simple get together or cosy date with your partner!

So here I am!

…to extend my help to style basic outfits by cool, trendy and trivial tips and create a ravishing lookbook for yourselves – basically Rashitup 😉

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