What Color Shoes Go With Purple Dress & Outfits? [10 Chic Ideas]


Purple is a versatile colour that can be paired with various shoe hues, depending on the occasion and the shade of the dress.

Selecting the perfect color shoes to complement a purple dress can seem daunting, but fear not—I’ve got you covered!

Don’t miss out on discovering why my favourite colour shoes are the highlight at number 7 in the blog—indeed a style statement you won’t want to overlook! 😉

what color shoes go with purple dress or outfit
Purple Shoes

When selecting a color of purple for a dress, there are several shades you might consider, each with its unique charm and suitability for different occasions, styles, and personal preferences.

Here’s a brief overview of some popular shades of purple:

  1. Lavender: A soft, bluish-light purple, ideal for spring and summer.
  2. Lilac: A light purple with pinkish tones, perfect for daytime and casual wear.
  3. Plum: A deep, rich purple with red undertones, suitable for formal and colder seasons.
  4. Violet: A bright purple that makes a bold statement and can lean towards blue or red.
  5. Amethyst: A striking blend of deep and light purples associated with luxury and nobility.
  6. Eggplant: A dark purple, almost black, versatile for formal events.
  7. Orchid: A medium purple with pink and grey tones, feminine for casual and formal wear.
  8. Royal Purple: A deep, luxurious purple associated with royalty and making grand entrances.

In this post, I’m thrilled to take you on a stylish journey through a series of shoe color combinations specifically tailored to complement a purple dress.

From classic neutrals to bold, unexpected pairings, we’ll explore how the right shoes can transform your purple dress from simply beautiful to absolutely stunning.

Whether you’re prepping for a casual day out, a formal event, or anything in between, I’ve got the perfect shoe suggestions to elevate your look.

So, buckle up and get ready to dive into the world of fashion-forward choices that will ensure your purple dress outfits stands out in the best way possible. <3

What Color Shoes Go With Purple Dress: 10 Chic Ideas for You

1. Black Shoes with Purple Dress

When pairing shoes with a purple dress, black is a timeless and classic choice. The stark contrast created by black shoes works exceptionally well with various shades of purple, from lavender to deep violet.

Not only does this combination offer a sophisticated look, but it also brings a sense of balance to your ensemble.

A pair of sleek black heels can elevate your look for evening events, while black ballet flats or loafers provide a chic, yet comfortable option for daytime activities.

Black shoes are versatile, allowing them to be worn casually and formally, making them a smart addition to your wardrobe.

Purple Dress with Black Sandals
Purple Dress with Black Sandals

Opting for black shoes allows you to experiment with a range of accessories, such as jewellery and bags.

Silver or gold accents can add a touch of glamour, while a black clutch or handbag will maintain a coherent theme throughout your outfit.

2. Nude or Beige Shoes With Purple Dress

When pairing shoes with a purple dress, nude or beige shoes are a sophisticated choice.

They offer a subtle contrast and can elongate your legs, especially when matched closely to your skin tone.

Purple Shoes with Nude Heels
Purple Shoes with Nude Heels

These shades are considered neutral tones, making them versatile and chic and allowing you to pair them with most colour dresses.

Whether the dress is a deep violet or a lighter lilac, the nude will complement it without overpowering the ensemble. Your look will remain refined and coordinated.

Purple Dress with Beige Shoes
Purple Dress with Beige Shoes

4. White Shoes with Purple Dress

When choosing footwear to complement your purple dress, white shoes offer a crisp and striking contrast.

A purple dress with white shoes on a wooden floor

White heels especially can elevate your outfit, making it suitable for formal events or weddings. They are timeless and provide a clean backdrop for the purple to stand out.

In a wedding context, white stilettos are perfect for bridesmaids wearing purple dresses. The combination creates a harmonious balance and adheres to the elegance of the occasion.

White sandals could be considered for a summer wedding or event, providing both comfort and style.

Purple Dress with White Sandals
Purple Dress with White Sandals

5. Red Shoes OR Burgundy Shoes with Purple Outfits

Red shoes add a contrasting colour, making your outfit stand out at a social gathering or artistic event whereas burgundy shoes resonate particularly well with deeper shades of purple, offering a rich, autumnal palette that enhances the overall look for a more relaxed outing.

Purple Dress with Red Shoes
Purple Dress with Red Shoes

For formal events, a sleek pair of red stilettos exudes elegance. If you’re attending an informal occasion, red sandals or flats provide a comfortable yet stylish choice.

Purple Dress with Red Heels
Purple Dress with Red Heels

With the right red shoes, you can create an eye-catching look that is both fashionable and uniquely yours.

Lavender Dress with Red Heels
Lavender Dress with Red Heels

Burgundy, a red wine-reminiscent colour, presents both elegance and a touch of boldness.

Purple Dress With Burgundy Heels
Purple Dress With Burgundy Heels

It works seamlessly with the purple spectrum, from lavender to a more saturated purple dress.

Purple Shoes with Burgundy Heels
Purple Shoes with Burgundy Heels

For a cohesive appearance, consider matching your burgundy shoes with other accessories. A burgundy belt or handbag can tie the outfit together without overwhelming it.

In texture, suede or velvet burgundy shoes can add a sense of luxury to your ensemble, especially for evening events.

For a daytime look, leather burgundy flats or heels maintain sophistication.

6. Silver Shoes with Purple Dress

A pair of metallic shoes sits next to a vibrant purple dress, waiting to be worn
Purple Shoes with Silver Shoes

When selecting shoes to complement a purple dress, metallic hues offer a chic and modern touch.

Silver shoes are a stunning choice. Their calm tone pairs elegantly with the depth of purple, providing an eye-catching and refined balance.

Lavender Dress with Silver Shoes
Lavender Dress with Silver Shoes

Silver can enhance cooler shades of purple and give your outfit a contemporary edge that is fashion-forward.

When considering fashion, silver and gold represent versatile metallic options that can transition from day to night events.

You might opt for a matte metallic finish for daytime sophistication, whereas a glossy or sparkly texture can add extra glamour for evening occasions.

7. The All-Purple Ensemble

I’ve always had a penchant for purple in the fashion world, where endless color palettes reign supreme.

It’s not just a color; it’s a statement of creativity, luxury, and individuality.

A purple dress with black shoes. The shoes are a sleek, shiny black, contrasting nicely with the deep purple of the dress
Purple Dress with Purple Shoes

Among the various styling tips and combinations I’ve experimented with, one ensemble stands head and shoulders above the rest for me!

The all-purple outfit features a stunning purple dress paired with chic purple heels.

Purple Dress With Light Purple Heels
Purple Dress with Light Purple Heels
Purple Dress With Purple Heels
Purple Dress with Purple Shoes

This choice isn’t merely about my love for the color purple. It’s about the harmony it creates, the elegance it exudes, and how it makes me feel: confident, unique, and endlessly stylish. <3

It embodies everything I adore about fashion—boldness, simplicity, and the ability to express oneself without uttering words.

Purple Dress with Purple Heels
Purple Dress with Purple Heels

This combination is a testament to the power of monochromatic styling.

It challenges the fashion norms that advocate for contrast and instead embraces the beauty of uniformity and cohesion.

8. Blush Shoes with Purple Dress

Pairing purple shoes with a blush dress can create a charming and romantic aesthetic, blending the soft, feminine allure of blush pink with the deep, luxurious vibe of purple.

Purple Dress with Blush Shoes
Purple Dress with Blush Shoes
Purple Dress with Blush Shoes
Purple Dress with Blush Shoes

The softness of blush paired with the richness of purple offers a delightful contrast that’s neither too stark nor too subtle.

Lighter shades of purple, like lavender, can create a more subtle springtime feel, while deeper purples, like plum, add a touch of sophistication suitable for evening events.

The combination exudes a romantic and feminine vibe, making it perfect for weddings, date nights, or any occasion you want to add a soft yet colourful touch to your outfit.

9. Gold Shoes with Purple Dress

Gold works beautifully with darker and richer purple shades, adding a luxurious contrast that elevates your appearance effortlessly.

It’s a regal combination that nods to classic style yet feels entirely modern.

Purple Dress with Gold Heels
Purple Dress with Gold belt

Purple and gold contrast beautifully, with purple providing a deep, rich backdrop that makes the gold shine even brighter.

Both purple and gold are associated with luxury, royalty, and sophistication.

Pairing these colors together naturally elevates any look, making it perfect for formal events, galas, or any occasion where making a stylish statement is key.

Purple Shoes with Gold Heels
Purple Shoes with Gold Heels

Different shades of purple, from lilac to eggplant, can be matched with gold tones (from pale champagne to deep amber) to suit different skin tones, event settings, and personal preferences.

9. Green Shoes with Purple Dress

Thanks to their positions as complementary colors on the color wheel, pairing purple shoes with a green dress, or vice versa, creates a bold and visually striking outfit.

Purple Dress with Green Heels
Purple Dress with Green Heels

Funnily enough the opposite combination works like charm too, check my post here What Color Shoes go with Green Dress.

To achieve harmony in such a vibrant combination, it’s essential to select shades that resonate well together, like a deep emerald green with rich plum shoes or a soft sage paired with lavender footwear.

Now, the choice of vibrancy for both purple and green should align with the occasion’s tone and formality, with brighter shades fitting casual or festive events and darker or muted tones suited for more formal settings.

10. Grey Shoes with Purple Outfits

Grey shoes offer a sophisticated and versatile option for complementing a purple dress. Their neutrality pairs well with shades of purple, allowing for subtle and bold contrasts.

Purple Dress with Grey Heels
Purple Dress with Grey Heels

Charcoal or dark grey shoes with a grey dress present a cohesive, monochromatic style strategy.


In conclusion, selecting the right shoe color complements a purple dress that beautifully marries style with personal expression.

Whether you gravitate towards the timeless elegance of black or white, the seamless sophistication of nude, the luxurious touch of metallics, or the playful vibrancy of complementary colors, there’s a perfect shoe out there for every shade of purple and every occasion.

Remember, fashion is as much about how you feel in what you wear as it is about the colors you choose.

Considering the mood, the event, and style, you can create a harmonious ensemble that resonates with your unique aesthetic.

So, the next time you ponder over which shoes to pair with your purple dress, let this guide inspire you to make choices that elevate your outfit and confidence.

After all, the best fashion statement allows you to shine in your most authentic colors.

Frequently Asked Questions

What color shoes are best to wear with a purple dress?

Neutral tones like black, white, and nude are universally flattering. Metallics such as silver, gold, and bronze can add a touch of glamour, while contrasting colours like teal or emerald green offer a bold statement.

What accessories are to be worn with a purple dress?

If you wear bold accessories, silver or gold earrings, you might opt for more subdued shoe colors, and vice versa. Let your accessories guide you towards creating a balanced look.

Purple Dress with Silver Accessories
Purple Dress with Silver Accessories
Purple Dress with Gold Accessories
Purple Dress with Gold Accessories

Can I wear black shoes with a purple dress?

Absolutely! Black shoes are a classic choice that can ground your outfit and make the color of your purple dress pop.

Are nude shoes a good match for a purple dress?

Yes, nude shoes are great for creating a seamless, elongated look, especially for lighter shades of purple. They’re versatile and can be worn with almost any shade of purple.

How do I choose the right shade of purple shoes for my dress?

Aim to match the tone of your dress with your shoes. For a dark purple dress, choose deeper shades of purple. For lighter dresses, opt for lavender or lilac shoes.

Is it okay to wear metallic shoes with a purple dress?

Metallic shoes are perfect for adding a festive or elegant touch to your outfit. Silver complements cooler tones of purple, while gold pairs well with warmer hues.

What about wearing white shoes with a purple dress?

White shoes can offer a fresh, crisp look, especially in warmer months or for casual occasions. They can also beautifully contrast with darker shades of purple.

Can I pair colorful shoes with a purple dress?

A complementary color like yellow or green can create a vibrant and eye-catching ensemble. Consider the color wheel for inspiration on complementary colors.

Should the color of my bag match my shoes when wearing a purple dress?

Purple Dress with Brown Bag
Purple Dress with Brown Bag

While matching your bag and shoes can create a cohesive look, it’s not a strict rule. Feel free to mix and match colors that complement both your dress and shoes for a more dynamic style.

Are there any colors to avoid when choosing shoes for a purple dress?

It’s more about personal preference and the specific shade of purple. However, try to avoid colors that clash or are too close but do not quite match, as this can create a discordant look.

Does red shoes go with a Purple Dress?

When selecting red shoes, consider the shade of red that complements your dress. A deep burgundy can subtly contrast, while a bright red presents a more dramatic effect. Texture, such as suede or patent leather, can also add depth to your look.

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