Floral Knit with Black Buttoned Skirt – Ideas For This Fall


Fall has always been my favourite season (undoubtedly!)

Yesterday was one of those cold autumnal English days that starts with a yellow strike and slowly eases on orange…

I woke up with my imagination mill running at full throttle…

…I am filling up my wardrobe with some unique collections for this weather.

But before I got into making my shopping plans, the clock gave me a nudge – get ready for office it said!

Anyways… I am on the train to work now and the mill is running again 😉

I believe creativity is in spontaneity!

Instead of fiddling with a zillion stuff in my closet (oops, I did a revelation here :P), I do the homework in my head.

You know when?

Whilst I am taking the shower or working-out or rubbing my teeth. 😀

After I got my mind settled on floral, it was just a matter of making the apropos combination.

I ruffled through my wardrobe to prepare my quick autumn look for the day and honestly, it didn’t take me more than 10 mins to create this expression!

Tip: Always have one of your racks loaded with some florals in multiple shades, textures, and layers. Have them ready to team up with one of the most basic skirts, shorts, and flannels.

Any color Blooms on Grey/Sea-shell white/clover Lime/Pale Pistachio/Powder Blue/Papaya Whip color base will do the trick!

Don’t worry! Florals can never be outmoded and will always help you get the chic look with minimal effort – spirit is in right pair work!

I am wearing this utility bloom print jumper and buttoned black skirt from Oasis and enhancing the look with Black Suedette Chelsea Boots.

…works best for a casual Friday office look OR a casual supper meet.

Here are a few pics to give you an idea of this combination I tried.

Floral dress with black button skirt - Rashitup
Floral top with black button skirt and michael kors watch - Rashitup

So there it is!

I hope you like the look and the small tip wrapped around!

Enjoy your weekend and I will catch you soon.

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