3 Easy Tips to Travel Fashionably – How I Travel Light and Simple!


There is a lot to unravel when fashion meets travel…!

I am a traveller by heart and love the excitement of unleashing the enigmatic energy by trotting around! 😀

The more I think about it, the more I surrender myself to the belief of drawing magic from this universe and radiating liveliness by exploring the unseen!

Last weekend, I visited one of the beautiful cities of Portugal, Lisbon.

Exploring the alluring architecture through cobbled alleyways was one of the best experiences I have had with my loved ones in recent times. The city has got an absolute blend of nature and design.

Waking up in a strange new town is a scintillating sensation to puff! Given a chance and quota of holidays, I would love to feel that over and over again! 😉

Although lured by the temptation of dressing up, I love to keep my travel outfits as comfy as possible.

To me, travel takes an upper edge and I would voluntarily shove all my drive towards planning the travel over planning my travel bag. 😉

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3 Easy Tips to Travel Fashionably

To keep it travel-oriented, I take the bottom-up approach…

Comfortable Pair of Shoes

Shouldn’t the first step towards the 1000 mile journey be gripping? 😉

I am a keen walker, so, the first thing I do is get myself settled on the shoes!

Slip-ons, chunky trainers, runners or sneakers; whatever you choose it has to be snuggly to get you going!

Spiffy bag

Believe it or not, there is always a need for a big pocket whilst you are wandering around to hide in a jumper for gusty evenings or a couple of snack bars for an unexpected fun trek, your favourite glares and your best friend, your phone!

Just so you don’t feel the burden of carrying it, pick a cool and kicky bag – the simpler the smarter & the weirder the better!

No-brainer uppers

Keep your travel outfits as simple as possible so you devote all your time to your much-earned short jaunts and don’t end up spending half a morning on garbing.

I’d go for something more frivolous yet stylish to create a simple and cushy look for the city tour day.

After sorting point 1 above, it becomes fairly easy to select the outfit; it could be as simple as teaming up a pair of denim shorts with embroidered top, a pocket t-shirt scrambled sleeves dress or a crepe dress with your ideal pair of sneakers- try any of these and no one can stop you from shining. 😉

A lot of trends that are back on shelves had me beaming with vivid-throwback joy – embroidery and sequins being my favourites!

How to put it to use!

Following from all of that, I chose a sequin check shirt and teamed it up with a casual pair of navy blue twill shorts for my first-day outing.

I didn’t bat an eyelid on picking this cool cold-shouldered ruffled cup-sleeves dress (with pockets ;)) for the second-day (from my fav ZARA), paired up with white sneakers & a smart backpack!

Here is my lookbook for you from both the days:

zara checks checklist for travel wear

grey zara checks - rashitup must haves for travel

grey zara checks - rashitup must haves for travel wear

yellow checks blue shorts - rashitup must haves for travel

yellow checks blue shorts - rashitup must haves for travel

yellow checks blue shorts black glares - rashitup must haves for travel

zara grey white checks - rashitup must haves for travel

zara grey checks dress - rashitup must haves for travel

zara grey checks black backpack - rashitup must haves for travel

If nothing else, you should do weekend getaways to explore the nearest countryside or an untouched land of wilderness.

Believe you me!

It will give your mind a new outlook and perspective to see things differently when you come back home.

Over to you…

I would love to hear your feedback in the comments section below.

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